Creation magic, potential magic

Chaos magic is one of two kinds of magic available. Chaos magic is the energy that exists outside reality, and is the substance from which Reality was separated from chaos. Two types of entity use chaos magic: Humans and Outsiders

Chaos in this sense does not mean disordered or destructive. It means unobserved or potential. Theist magi call it creation magic as a reference to the stuff of the infinite outside of reality that their specific god of choice called forth reality from.

When a creature uses Chaos magic, they are using their own anima as a channel to turn this potential into a created effect. Nothing is technically created or destroyed, however effects can be changed from chaos into reality, or changed from reality into chaos.

Roughly 90% of humanity is capable of accessing chaos magic. As a species, though, most never come to participate in the active use of magic, instead remaining a potential.. A human who becomes able to channel chaos magic as an adult is called a Magi. A human born able to channel chaos magic is called an Archmagi.

To those that can see magic, a Thaumoptist, the most common color associated with it is Red. this can be observed by any magic user when collecting the substance known as Red Plasm. An anima that is capable of using chaos magic is usually seen as a red-silver entity, the more deeply red, the more powerful the magus. Archmagi have proustite crystal animas. Golden animas are always chaos users.

Chaos magic is limited only by the willingness of a creature who can use it to sacrifice their own substance and to also accept the consequences for bringing it into reality. A sacrifice might be used when something powerful needs to be done, but the sacrifice must be something that is not alive. This is why some ceremonies require a measure of flour, or a special stone, or bones, or that something be drawn in ink, chalk, or charcoal. The only living thing that can ever be used is the chaos user's own substance, or the substance of a participant in a chaos undertaking

Spells and rituals in Chaos magic work because they are proven ways of getting a consistent result. When you draw magic from chaos into reality using "x" objects, "x" objects are broken down and returned to chaos, but as a result you achieve result "y"

Reality resists the inclusion of chaos. The chaos user has to be strong enough in spirit to force their will onto reality. Something must be exchanged, because Reality is a constant. for every bit of chaos that enters reality, something has to be returned to chaos. This makes the creation of complex things very problematic. Most chaos mages deal in energies because these are the most easily used with the least amount of consequence. Therefore, the most often seen uses of chaos magic involve psychic powers like telekenesis. For this reason the presence of poltergeist activity is usually the result of an archmagus too young to control their power.

Words associated with chaos magic: bargain, exchange, create, psychic, telekenetic, channeling, will, demonology, angelology, psychic healing, energy healing, invention, imagination, creation.