humans are the chaos using animal species in this arc of reality.









Humans are a kind of spirit animal. They are a vector of all five elements, one of 130 animals harnessed by the elemental spirits to serve their interests.

The history is passed down through legend into myth, and myth into religion, and religion into truth, and from truth into eternity. Along the evolutionary line of all animals, the apex of each lineage produces a vector species, and these species are sought out by elementals as currency and food, and for the teaching of forms. A vector species can also act as a host to a spirit, elemental or outsider. A vector animal is an animal of liminal space that can be brought fully into the subplanes. Made of all five elements, their anima is silver in appearance to those who can see animas. They are equally an animal and a spirit. This is true of all vector species. Every era has only 130 living things that are vectors. when an vector species becomes extinct, another rises into place. It is an echo of the constant nature of reality, and little more.

Just because they are spirit and substance does not mean that they are capable of using magic. It means that all elementals can eat them for their magical nutritional value. They are valued in elemental society as pets, draft animals, bartering currency, breeding for shows, religious rituals, their parts are useful in medicine, and anything else an elemental might need a corporeal entity to do.

Homo sapiens were the first vector species to be able to speak the elemental languages. For this reason they became more sought after than all other vectors. For this reason, elementals bred them heavily, herded them into large communities, and consumed them to the exclusion of all other vectors. Early homo sapiens bones are rare, not because of burning rituals or sky burials. All humans were eventually eaten. Elementals have no problem with consuming the dead. they do not suffer from pathogens as animals do. When an elemental consumes a creature, no evidence is left.

Human history is not pretty. It is filled with war, atrocity, hatred and strife. Elementals taught humans the ways of war and bred races of humans specifically to fight one another.

somewhere along the line humans began to be able to channel magic of their own will. Elves appeared first, then deities, and magi.