Hyperspace is not a method of travel.

There is a universe and there is a multiverse. Beyond the universe and the multiverse is the Chaos from where suns, outsiders, and magi draw their magical energy.

Reality is composed of the universe and the multiverse. Universe and multiverse are states of perception.

the universe is the perception of linear time and space. You are here, this is how time intersects with space and forms a grid which we perceive linearly and this is how we perceive our universe as an expanding sphere.

the multiverse is the perception of different universes perceived co-linearly. if particle a reaches a fork that changes its direction of travel and there is a left path and a right path, those that are perceiving the particle as going left belong to one universe and those that perceive it as going right belong to a different universe. (wording intentional. the particle did not actually move) the greater the number of particles perceived as going together in the same direction, the more radically different the universes will be. The number of universes is finite, but the number is so large it might as well be.

Reality expands and contracts at the same rate. We do not know why it does this. There are expansion nodes and there are contraction nodes. We know it is expanding because certain objects and living beings actually pull the stuff of chaos into reality, but we also know it has contraction nodes because reality is finite and static in size. Since everything that is already real has to move out of the way for it to become part of creation, reality expands. Everything we perceive as linear movement actually exists all at once in every state. if reality could belong to a class of shapes, it would be an n-torus. It has no begining and no end, it has an inside and an outside, and we know it, if it could be perceived in its entirety from the outside, is a type of torus because we as linear observers from within the torus perceive a beginning and an end and a spherical universe. our perceptive travel within reality is actually from the inside to the outside. . .and back. form the inside to the outside of the torus, we perceive the universe as expanding, if we perceive our linear travel from outside to inside, we perceive our universe as collapsing. The reality of reality is that our perception is technically an infinite loop from inside to outside.

linear movement is understood in nodes. particle a is perceived as going left or right; two different universes. the realization of that perception creates a node.linear perception follows from node to node around the inner side of the torus shell. the projection of this sort of movement is easily seen in a 3d rendering environment: Nodes are points. the perception of movement is the line formed between two points. Think of our linear travel around the shell of the torus of reality as a game of connect the dots.

Everything we can understand about our reality is understood from the perspective of observation. we perceive our travel on the inner rim of the edge of reality. the vast, uncountably finite space inside the torus is hyperspace. It is created but unformed space.

outside the torus shape is chaos. Chaos is infinite, as far as we know. most human cultures come to an understanding that it exists, but fall short of being able to grasp the truly infinite nature of it by explaining the origin of reality as belonging to a god or gods. For example In the abramic and Babylonian tradition, some sort of god hovered over chaos and spoke reality into existence, eternally separating it from chaos. Everything inside the torus is creation.

only two known classes of entity within this reality can escape their nodes into hyperspace or into chaos: humans and outsiders. expansion node to expansion node is called liminal reality or liminal space. there is only ever one such line, and it is always visible to outsiders. progress in perception can also be observed. Eventually, the line of expansion nodes ends when the creature leaves reality to become, themselves, outside observers in chaos

Humans were not "chosen." they simply exist as the agent of chaos in this reality along this line of expansion nodes as a function of the expanding and contracting nature of reality. It does not make humans superior to any other race of animal or spirit, in fact it makes most elementals want to wipe them out of existence.