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The official wiki of the veil, by s. Pyke-- an alternate earth setting where nearly everyone has the potential to become magical, the entire universe is at war with itself.

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    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • edit Humans
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  • new page Humans
    created by Lyredragon
    New page: humans are the chaos using animal species in this arc of reality. Humans are a kind of spirit animal. They are a vector of all five elements, one of...
  • new page Elemental Magic
    created by Lyredragon
    New page: Created Magic, ordered magic, kinetic magic Elemental magic is magic made of the substance of reality. Elemental magic is drawn from hyperspace, the...
  • new page Chaos Magic
    created by Lyredragon
    New page: Creation magic, potential magic Chaos magic is one of two kinds of magic available. Chaos magic is the energy that exists outside reality, and is the...
  • new page Hyperspace
    created by Lyredragon
    New page: Hyperspace is not a method of travel. There is a universe and there is a multiverse. Beyond the universe and the multiverse is the Chaos from where...
  • new page Subplanes
    created by Lyredragon
    New page: Subplanes are subdivisions of reality, balanced in favor of a particular element. When an elf or elemental uses elemental magic, the magic is drawn...
    Summary: page creation
  • new page Liminal Space
    created by Lyredragon
    New page: Liminal space. The Threshold. The world between the veils, the crossroads, the real world. The word Limen is latin for "threshold." Liminal space is...
    Summary: page build
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    Hello, We're excited to have Liminalspace Wikia as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful t... 

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